Gaea Norvegica Trail - Summer 2025

Gaea Norvegica Trail

August 2-9, 2025

D+ 9831-15600m

400 & 600KM

100% Nature

UTMB logo The Gaea Norvegica Trail is named after Gaea Norvegica, a combination of Greek and Latin words, which literally mean Norwegian earth and life, and reference the mythological being Gaea who gives life to all natural creatures on earth. The trail showcases the stunning beauty of Norwegian nature, as it follows the Oslo Rift geological formation from Oslo to Hamar city pier.

ITRA logo The Gaea Norvegica Trail is a multi-day, self-supported race, known as the longest and toughest ultra in Norway. There are two options: the first route is 400 kilometres long and the second is 600 kilometres long. Both take part over a 5-day consecutive period respectively. It’s ITRA-certified and is worth 6 UTMB points. Are you brave enough to take on nature and see how you fare? Don’t dream about it, join us and find out.

The only way to qualify and register is to successfully complete one of our many 100K ultra races.

Gaea Norvegica Trail

The countdown is on to the next Gaea Norvegica Trail race in August 2025. Start your prep now for this unique challenging ultra race. Visit our Facebook page to learn more about the GNT400!

Any questions, please feel welcome to contact us on +47 975 12 808 or ultra[at]

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