Bèrghem Ultra SURVIVOR

Welcome to our Hall of Fame where every competitor who has ever finished a Bèrghem Ultra Trail race, within the event’s cut off time, can shine. Here all Bèrghem Ultra heroes are equal. 🙂

  • Leif Abrahamsen

    Leif Abrahamsen

    Gaea Norvegica Trail 2017
    Age: 49

  • Øyunn Bygstad

    Øyunn Bygstad

    Gaea Norvegica Trail 2017
    Age: 34

  • Linda Øksendal

    Linda Øksendal

    Stenfjellet Endurance 2017
    Age: 45

  • Jarle Busterud

    Jarle Busterud

    Gåsbubakken Intervall 2017
    Age: 68

  • Daniel Finstad

    Daniel Finstad

    Bèrghem Ultraløpetid 2017

    Age: 36