Gaea Norvegica Trail

So you’ve heard about our Gaea Norvegica Trail and would like to try it out?

Gaea Norvegica Trail

Bèrghem Ultra Trail

The 2018 BUT covers a new route. Find out where it goes by joining us.

Bèrghem Ultra Trail

Watch this space

Fulvio is currently out developing a new race. Fresh details will be uploaded shortly. Stay tuned.

New race coming soon

ITRA member logoAre you looking for an ultra race with a difference? Why not try one of our competitions, and really challenge yourself. Our races take place in 100% nature, and show off the pristine beauty of Norwegian wilderness. If you’re a nature lover and outdoor enthusiast, you’ll definitely find something here that speaks to your soul. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our Bèrghem Ultra Trails or to our flagship race the Gaea Norvegica Trail – Norway’s toughest and longest.

We’re constantly scouting out new locations and testing new ultra trail routes and concepts. New races and information will be uploaded to this page on a regular basis. Please check back often, or follow us on Facebook. Any questions? We look forward to hearing from you.


Why Bèrghem Ultra?

Fulvio and Linda’s intentions and plans for the Bèrghem Ultra Runners Club are clear – no fluff, no fanfare, no reinventing the wheel. They simply want to offer unique personalised events. Events to be remembered for their sheer raw energy, beauty and simplicity, as well as for their joy or their pain, or a good combination of both. Events that will inspire runners to keep coming back for their next wilderness fix.

The club's origins

Ultimately, Bèrghem Ultra combines two of club leader’s Fulvio’s passions: food and running. The original idea behind the club was to combine mountain food – meals best enjoyed after a long run – with outdoor adventures and environmentally-sound activities.

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